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oldcitymurders's Journal

Dear Sanctuary guests,
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an invite only murder mystery role play

gameplay & cast
welcome to oldcitymurders a role play, murder mystery. the basic premise of this game is simple, there has been a murder in the sanctuary and it is up to the residents to discover who did it, how they did it, and where they did. points are awarded at the end of the game for various correct guesses and the winner is announced at the end. anyone playing could be the murder, even your character.

for a full list of the cast, points, rules and how to play - please see this entry.

Dana Whitcomb, the murder victim.
the game takes place inside the sanctuary. each playable area has a thread - characters may move freely between these threads during game play. if a clue is discovered in a room, it will be added to that room's information.

map of the sanctuary

The blue levels and the garden are all on the ground level. The wine cellar is underground and can only be accessed via the ballroom (as indicated). The library, office and rooftop are all on the top level of the sanctuary. The lightening symbol in the wine cellar and cathedral indicate the entrances to the underground tunnels that run right the way under the sanctuary, therefore it is possible to travel between the wine cellar and the cathedral unseen.

playable areas: | the ballroom | gothic cathedral | dining hall | garden | helen's office | library | rooftop | underground tunnels | wine cellar |
ooc questions
there is a screened post here for any questions that you might have during the run of the game. please feel free to drop a line there.

your host, bigfoot